Private Balloon Lessons

Private Balloon Lessons For Adults & Children

The most common question that I receive over and over is “That’s amazing…How do you do that?” Well, here’s your chance to find out! With my Private Balloon Artist Lessons, you too can become a Balloon Artist Extraordinaire! In no time at all, I assure you that you will be amazing your family, friends and yourself!

From children to adults, I will teach you the balloon creations, tricks and techniques you need to just have fun, or be the hit at any party or gathering. There’s no end to what you can create with a balloon. Whether you want to learn for your own enjoyment or if you have interest in becoming a Professional Balloon Artist Entertainer, I will start you on your way to an exciting adventure!

Lessons are held at my Bensenville Illinois Balloon Studio, are designed for ages 6 and up, and can include one or two persons. You can invite a friend or family member to join you if desired. You will learn how to make a wide variety of unique balloon animals, flowers, hats, space aliens and more while having quite simply a VERY fun time!

Educational Group Balloon Workshops

Showing Off
Our Workshop Creations!

Pre-Blown &
Tied Balloons Are Provided

Adult &
Team Building Workshops

In addition to Private Balloon Lessons, my popular Educational Group Balloon Workshops teach children and adults the secrets and techniques of making fun and colorful balloon animals and other cool balloon creations. I even provide balloons that are already pre-inflated and pre-tied making it easy and quick for all to experience immediate fun and success!

Workshops are for ages 6 and up and can include 20 – 25 participants.  My workshops are the perfect addition to Library Programs, Park District Camps, After School Programs, School Art Classes, Girl/Boy Scout Meetings, Sunday School/Vacation Bible School Programs, Senior Craft Days and more.  Everyone is always amazed at how much fun balloon artistry can be!

To schedule Private Balloon Lessons, please email me at  To schedule an Educational Group Balloon Workshop, please contact me using my Contact form.  Or if desired, you may call me at Landini Entertainment Productions Inc. at (630) 860-1099 for more information on Lessons and Workshops and to schedule.

Get ready for an exciting ride as you explore the wonderful world of balloon making!

Balloon Lessons & Workshops